Ever fancied going to Hogwarts? 


Let your kid’s imaginations run riot as they become trainee Wizard for the day. Learn the ways of the witchcraft and wizardry, with fun, games and activities all with a Hogwarts theme.   Get sorted by the Sorting Hat into houses then battle it out with your friends to see who gets an invitation to Platform 9 3/4 

Hogwarts Wizarding Party

This video is purely for promotional purposes....

However should you wish to create a similar video for your child then it can be arranged as part of the party package for an additional fee

'So how does a Hogwarts Party work?'


Professor HairFlick takes the children through their first steps to becoming a wizard and assesses their  application for Hogwarts! Using an interactive video presentation on a large screen, he takes them through a school day and their entry into the wizarding world.


Wizarding Party Activities


* Preparing for Hogwarts


* The Sorting Hat


* Wingardium Leviosa - Magic Wand Class


* Break-time - Bertie Botts every flavoured Beans


* Potions & Spells Class - ..Make some Slime..


* Hedwig Escapes


* Duelling Club


* Creep down at midnight and enjoy a game of Friend or Foe


* Find the Crystal with the Hogwarts Quiz


* Learn a Trick or Two..


* Have your green screen photo taken and sent to you


* Graduate with a Hogwarts Certificate for all





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Hogwarts Wizarding Party information

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