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               OPTIONAL EXTRAS

   Let us help you supply special Jedi party gifts for your guests.


* The kids create their own lightsabres to take home  -  £5 each

* An additional Kylo Ren character actor - £45

* A bespoke personalised video invitation from Yoda - £25

* Have your child star in their own Kylo Battle Movie - £25 

* Present them with Star Kids Medals - £5 inscribed

The BEST Jedi Training Party in the Galaxy... guaranteed 


Jedi Training Academy


The Jedi Training Academy sees our Jedi Master training young padawan in the ways of the force, with the aid of a Storm Trooper and ultimately the final confrontation with Darth Vader.

The party is specifically aimed at entertaining both boys and girls aged 5 to 7 years old, but can be adapted.


* Meet a Clone Trooper 'Commander Decker'


* Put on a Jedi Robe & grab a safe Lightsaber (both provided)


* Train with a Jedi Master 'Obi-Two Kenobi'


* Complete the Lightsaber Dash


* Learn Mind Control with Yoda


* Take Yoda's Jedi Oath and receive your lightsaber


* Learn the art of the Lightsaber, step by step


* Enjoy practice battles with your padawan friends


* Avoiding the Emperor and creep through the Death Star


* Develop your Blaster accuracy by shooting Stormtroopers


* Enjoy the ultimate BATTLE against Darth Vader or Kylo Ren


* Have your photo taken with the characters


* Graduate with a Jedi Certificate 


                          (2 actors playing 3 character roles)

If you would like to extend your Jedi Training experience please look at the OPTIONAL EXTRAS LIST HERE ...

Choosing your venue and the set-up
What is a Jedi Training Academy Party?

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Jedi Training Academy Party information

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